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Inquire About Customs

Getting Started

If you’re inquiring about custom work for one of our pieces. Please note that we only use the product we sell and colors will have to be selected through our product line. Our colors our located on this website. Please provide the following for a refinishing quote. All customs require 50% deposit to book and is non refundable as paint and supplies are ordered upon booking. Booking is done 30-60 days out.

  1. Pictures of the piece or pieces you want customized

  2. Measurements of each item

  3. Let us know the color you want it done in.  

  4. Let’s us know about any repairs you need done and need pics. 

  5. Let us know if you want a change of hardware. If so, what hardware? 

  6. Let us know if you will need pick up or delivery, if either include your complete address. Note-we only pick up and delivery to garage. If you need white glove, which we will bring into out of your home, please let us know, as extra charges will apply for this service. 


Once we have booked your project here’s what happens next.

We will schedule a pick up or drop off day for your pieces. Pieces can be dropped off up to 5 day before project starts. Remaining balance is to be paid in full before project begins. 


  1. We will clean and prep all outside areas for paint.

  2. Sanding and or primer will be used before painting.

  3. We will paint in your color selected. 

  4. Seal if required.

  5. Each project will be with us for a min of 10 days. Bigger projects will take longer. 

  6. Pick ups must be scheduled within one week of completion. Holding longer then 2 weeks will require a storage fee. As our space is limited and we schedule customizing on our avail space. 

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